Monday, 23 May 2016

We Are Human

We Are Human

We are the Thinkers
Daring to create 
Seeking wisdom 
Beyond our age

We are the Poets
Who speak on our pain
The words of Rumi
Never used in vain

We are the Engineers
We created the plane
To give us back our wings
So we could fly again

We are the Sailors
Who travel far into the day
Seeking out treasures
Not knowing our way

We are the Lovers
Who connect with space
Our minds are like diamonds
Our hearts filled with grace

We are the cosmos
Of infinite bass
Our words echo through the universe
Back to our resting place

Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Velvet Sea

The Velvet Sea

I draw back the curtains
see a world I don't recognise
Ruled by nations
With no authority
I pack my bags
put the mast into position
and sail away into the velvet sea
My face battered by the wind
the current controls me
but I stay strong
on this velvet sea
Sail into the sunset 
beyond the speed of light
darkness is behind me
Where I'm heading there's no night
Or day, just glistening stars 
in the distance
my body, my temple
protected from your influence
There is no vibration that can soothe me
I'm a rebel, sailing on this velvet sea
My flag is pirate
My thoughts are higher
My words push against the current
Of sin and desire
I elevate beyond the clouds
And into space
My words take me to the source
Of my disgrace
But I won't be caught up by the lord of the rings
instead I'll sail right beyond his army of kings
Into machine city
Watch fear fade as I take pity
On my enemies
Turn the switch off
And watch them all rest in peace
Reset the matrix 
Set humanity free
Then sail on my ship back on the velvet sea

Friday, 15 January 2016

Dear Papa

Dear Papa

Dear Papa
It's been over a year now
This January's cold
I'm 27 next month
Ya boys getting old

What's it like out there
on the other side?
Does heaven really exist?
Are we just born to die?

Do angels really fly?
Can you see with your eyes?
Or has the body gone cold and faded
And were you reborn with a new soul not jaded?

I had hate in me
For all the times I saw mama shed tears from her eyes
Man I couldn't sleep
But you had faith in me
Taught me how to read the good book
even though I couldn't recite but
You went and stayed with me

Up on the rooftops in the summer
Cool breeze in the air
While I layed down with mama

And spoke the words of God
with happiness on my tongue and
I tried to reach out to you
But you kept running

You held so much pain deep inside
You lost your father too
and I know it hurt inside
Loving us wasn't your strong suit
You loved everyone else
but I longed for you

And now you're up in heaven above
or I hope so
God give forgives fatherly love
Cos He's so dope bro

And without you I'm lost
I was raised by the hounds
The street seems so cold
When you're not around
I look at your picture each day
And wish I could turn back time to just say....

Sunday, 6 December 2015

My Garden

My Garden

Each apple holds its weight in gold
One bite is but enough
These planets hang in My Garden
Look but do not touch.

The Strong Ones

The Strong Ones

We stand by and guard the Heavens
As the serpent tries to come between us
But we are strong and our roots are blessed
Our heads are high as he writhes beneath us.

The Path

The Path

At the end of the road I shall be there
But be careful with every step
For not every path will lead you home
So follow your heart and not your head 

The Lonely Moon

The Lonely Moon

Although I'm complete I cannot control my fate
As I move across the sky
My reflection is the only place I am still
Until Her light comes passing by

The Leaves

The Leaves

Beneath the leaves I slowly slumber
The branches form my deepest dreams
Each thought provokes new life in the ether
As they reach the sky I begin to breathe 

The Rocks

The Rocks

Flowing through rock is where you'll find me
My image reflects the sky above
Each colour picked for pure perfection
All of this in the name of Love 

The Bridge

The Bridge

Over by the bridge is where I'll be waiting
There you'll find my heart and smile
Peace beyond imagination
Let's enjoy this moment for a while

Monday, 16 November 2015

A Woman's Love

A Woman's Love 

By S

Once women find love
They are like mountains
They are strong and stable
No matter where you are
They can be seen in the distance
Still as beautiful as they always were
And time does not erode them
They grow an attachment to their roots
And even the plates beneath their feet
Are not enough to shake their love
And although they don’t have feet to run to you

They would move Earth to be there for you

Ave Unum Deus

Ave Unum Deus XCIX

Tear away the blinds
Remove all the dust
Banish my desire
Grapple down my lust
Throw away the drugs
Let my eyes see clearly
The love that surrounds me oh so dearly

No fear in me
Except for the most High
I dare to breath
As I swim onto the coast side
My hands grab the rocks I’m free
As I move away from the punishing sea

No more triangles
They can’t triangulate me
Hide my digitals
And pray to God to save me

So keep your eye shut
Take your vision off me
I keep my mind shut
To all that you've caused me

I can breathe now
Oh I can breathe
My Lord has cured me
Of all of this disease

But I should never boast
About how I came to ease
So instead I just pray
On my knees

Like Lord forgive me! 

For all that I've done
And may there be blessings
In all I've achieved

May my efforts be never in vain
And may my tongue speak only Your name

So if I've only got 99 words left
Let them be all about You
And if you grant me another 92
I’ll give my Salaam to the Prophet too

Peace be upon you.
And your crew
For all they have taught me
We’re brothers in faith
So when we meet please adore me
But until then I’ll adore your memory
And when my time comes I hope you remember me
An intercede if I fall short
But I’ll try my best in this ball court
And shoot to make points in the stars
For those who believe, Heaven is ours.

But let’s stop right there for now
I wish I could continue
But I’ll wait until I'm given another 92.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Open Hearts/Closed Doors/Redemption

Open Hearts/Closed Doors/Redemption

Close my eyes and see the moon rise
In the deep blue sky
Flaming red as it rears its head in the east 
For too long I've spent searching
Diving in the flames
Dancing with the devil to the beat

Take off my shoes
And let my feet rest
Let the smoke clear out the room
Vivid nights
On her street bed
As I'm calling out for you

I fucked up
I fucked up
I fucked up

The door closed and the heat rose
As I crawled into her skin
Stared her in the eyes and my heart froze
Knowing I'm in eternal sin
For that night, that night
I chose to let my spirit go
Fell into her trap
Her hands on my back
Telling me not to go slow

I close my eyes and see the sun rise
In the dark black sky
Flaming blue as it swept through the west
For too long I've let my heart stay numb
Diving in the ice
I can’t put my mind to rest

I hear Your call
Out in the ether
It leaves vibrations on my tongue
I try to call back
But I have no voice
To try seeking out the One

I fucked up
I fucked up
I fucked up

Take my hand
Lead me into light
Take me overboard
Down into the sea
Wash my soul of dirt
Make my spirit clean
Let me get over her
So I can just be me

I feel free
I feel free
I feel free
I don’t need a tourniquet 
So don’t try to rescue me
Each thought flows into my ears
And my mind begins to bleed
I feel free
I feel free
I feel free

Tear apart the fabric
Of my insincere existence
Remind me of who raised me
From the seed down to forgiveness
Take away this loneliness
Replace it with an image
Bring that image to life 
Before my eyes and let me witness
A life of total devotion
Gently waving like the ocean
Reach as far as I can
Embrace the sand
And return in flowing motion
Let my purpose always be known
Let me complete half my faith
Find a place that I can call home
Not be ashamed to hide my face
Take the word of God with me
Wherever I choose to explore
Render faithful
Always truthful
And stay away from those closed doors
Stay in shape
Don’t break the frame
Frame of mind
Always sane
Vision clear
Hope restored
Stay away from those closed doors
Take my word life is short
Don’t break the chain
Reach for more
Hold on dearly
To the Lord
Stay away from those closed doors

No more secrets
No more hiding
Be committed
Stay enlightened
Beg forgiveness
No more fighting
Crack the chest
Melt the ice and
Pump the spirit 
Back in my veins
This temple
I shall regain
No more pain
Just stay focussed
Remain the same
And find I'm so blessed
A loving family
A confused image
Lost the road map
But now I'm in it
Got my place 
Marked in time
No more black stars
It’s time to shine
The destination space bound
So with this time I have I will show how
With the guidance and the know-how 
A life of sin can be turned around

The Book my guide
It's message my life
The Creator my Dear
Giving me no burden I cannot bear
His words, so often taken in vain
Have fallen on my heart and washed it like rain
Bringing me back to life again

Friday, 23 October 2015

The Well

The Well

Wall to wall
Each brick is placed
Around the well
To protect the water
If it overflows
From the place it dwells
Life will grow for our sons and daughters

We observe in awe
As the frame is shaking
The water gushing
The bucket breaking
The crowds rejoice
They take their fill
But was it to deny their happiness
That the well was built?

Perhaps the owner wanted to reserve the contents
Let each person take their sip and leave
Maybe he felt the water was pure
And kept it hidden from disease

But I think his motive was to stop the flood
Save the people, the animals and trees
From the overflowing and precious love
That keeps us living above the sea

See his love was a blessing
For all those around him
But if not kept hidden would destroy
At first the crowd rejoiced
Then the flood took away their boys

And swept up the women
Overwhelmed their frames
Each drop remained
Inside their veins
It engulfed them so much
That the town was lost
And the owner learned from this deep loss

So he built a dam
Kept compassion behind it
And once in a while he would
Let a little out
But love remained trapped in the well
Never to be found

Deep underground

Thursday, 27 August 2015



Raindrops fall from the feathers
Each leaf is drenched in the coldest mist
As I take off towards heaven
Before the sun rises I cease to exist

Defeat I admit
The gospel I surrender to
The keys they don’t fit
To the doors that I enter to

But I seek with the words
That the Lord has given to me
I reach for the bird
And soar to lands before me

The body, my temple
Is empty and desolate
Soulless, a hollow shell
The crow it carries my empty vessel

To a land where I am free
Rebirth is what I yearn for
A land where I am me

No Earth, I deserve no more.